What’s the LOCKE Trick Season dos Stop Said?

What’s the LOCKE Trick Season dos Stop Said?

In the event that entire gang arrives right back within Keyhouse, they might be offered one minute twist

Ready? Here i go. During the good climactic battle in the Gabe’s stronghold, Gabe converts returning to Dodge, their “original” form. When you find yourself Kinsey provides Dodge sidetracked, Tyler sneaks up about the woman and you will jams the lady towards Leader Trick, damaging the newest devil inside of this lady.

Given that household – which was built on good cliff – accidents down up to them (get it? The new episode is called “Cliffhanger”?), Kinsey flies by herself and Tyler so you’re able to shelter thanks to the Angel Key and this, for example Yellow Bull, provides you with wings. That’s if the very first surprising spin happens. A figure seems to go up about wreckage, but it’s perhaps not Dodge, or Gabe… It is Lucas Caravaggio (Felix Mallard).

High concern. Lucas try a pal away from Rendell’s and sweetheart away from Ellie’s which is the original of its group to track down infected of the a great devil. Rendell’s class – Brand new Owners of the Tactics – murdered the now worst Lucas. Decades afterwards, Ellie introduced Lucas straight back utilising the Echo Secret… Merely she cut back the latest Lucas who have been contaminated that have a devil. Essentially, Lucas is actually Dodge is Gabe. They are all the same situation, which is a mirror of the amazing Lucas, exactly who died since the an adolescent.

So it Lucas, regardless if? This is the Lucas Reflect without having any demon attached. Leer más