One to legacy is normally elaborated when it comes to actions and you may thinkers

One to legacy is normally elaborated when it comes to actions and you may thinkers

The guy never ever succeeded within the restoring and you can realising the latest wide endeavor one the guy envisaged

But not, so realized, this new debate and you may size of that heritage build brevity impossible, and this admission is long enough. All we can perform let me reveal motion at the history and you may explore particular then reading.

The latest chronology right here might provisionally getting divided into three historical attacks: away from Marxs demise till the Russia Wave (1917); throughout the Russian Trend into the slip of Berlin Wall (1989); and since 1989. It appears to be hard to state much that’s sure regarding history of those periods, many generalisations regarding the first two was hazarded.

That earliest age of “Traditional Marxism” can be idea of in two generational swells. The first reduced gang of theorists was regarding the Second Around the globe, and you can includes Karl Kautsky (18541938) and Plekhanov. The thriving so much more activist age bracket has Rosa Luxemburg (18711919), V.I. Lenin (18701924) and Leon Trotsky (18791940).

Another period could very well be reigned over by the “Soviet Marxism” and crucial reaction from other Marxists it provoked. The brand new repressive bureaucratic regimes and therefore solidified about Soviet Commitment and Eastern European countries stifled independent theoretic performs, including scholarly article run new web log out of Marx and you may Engels. However, nonetheless they provoked a significant reaction in the way of a body out of believe also referred to as “Western Marxism”, constantly considered through the work regarding Antonio Gramsci (18911937), Theodor Adorno (19031969), and Althusser. Leer más